We have used and demo equipment that is just as good as "new" in many cases. Save some cash!

DEMO means that the product has been used as display, demonstrator or reviewer use. These products will carry the same warranty and customer service, where applicable, as factory fresh products. Demos are current or legacy product, but they are always updated with the latest circuitry.

USED means that the product has been previously owned by a party other than Musical Concepts or Musical Design

BLEMISHED (B stock) means absolutely new, but with minor cosmetic defects unless otherwise described. Same as new warranty!

CONSIGNMENT means used and being sold for a 'client' - guaranteed to work upon receipt at your end - typically there is no warranty unless it is expressly offered. This is "as is" purchase.

SPECIAL means we have acquired and built these units and they enjoy a full one year parts and labor warranty. They are new or have been used as a loaner.

Our policy: Vacuum tubes in DEMO, USED or SPECIAL equipment will have a 30-day warranty. These prices are set, in our opinion, very fairly with the assumption that a given item will not be returned for refund. There is a 15-day return period granted except for specific items. If you decide to request a refund there is no refund of shipping charges. If an item is returned damaged or damaged due to poor shipping carton we reserve the right to return the item or come to a settlement with the buyer. CONSIGNMENT items have a seven day return policy, i.e. said item must be posted back to us within seven days of your receiving the item.  


LATEST ITEMS FOR SALE  - Additions Ongoing


HAFLER DH-220 / PA-3B BOARDS / LC-200 CAPS…………….is a used piece in excellent condition. The PA-3 driver boards are excellent. PA-3s have much of the sound of the latest PA-4 series boards. LC-200 caps are compact 27,000uF 80 volt parts. They are USA made with that tradition of the old Sprague sound quality, long a reference for high-end makers in the USA. See the IEC power cord socket and the Cardas Copper Binding Posts. It also has a new power switch for years of reliable operation. Buy it at $699.


PAIR of HAFLER DH-200s………………..modified with our PA-4 front-end boards and PS-200 mod kit. These also have GOLD RCA jacks and GOLD binding posts. The power cord is replaced with an excellent Rhodium plated IEC socket plus provided power cord. These are used amps with all new mods. Each amp is in good cosmetic condition. PA-4 is $499 installed, PS-200 is $359 installed, IEC is $119 installed, Gold binding posts are $69 installed, Gold RCAs are part of PA-4 kit. So as you see if you sent us your Hafler DH-200 for these mods you would pay $1046.

Buy for $1099/each. You are basically paying $50 for a used DH-200. Not bad.


STOCK HAFLER DH-220…………………… is waiting and ready for your specified modifications. It is in good condition, just get the mods you want. Most basic configuration, PA-4SE with PS-100SE starts at $788. Remember even this basic version is a fine sounding amp by most any standard and the amp is included in that price.


HAFLER DH-101 WITH PASPRO 1 INSTALLED……………….. is looking for a home. Our PasPro 1 is a superb sounding tubed mainboard with phono stage and line stage. A similar installation is seen at the link above. This one has a custom input/output board with Gold and Silver RCA jacks(picture soon). It is the standard PasPro 1 version. Standard PasPro 1 is $749 installed. With a bunch of high quality RCAs on the back adding some cost, plus remember it has a phono stage.

We are asking $749 for this demo model.



ADCOM GFA-555 WITH MODS……………………… updated earlier mods to be exact. It has elements of our current Elite level mods for the amp. The driver board sports new Nichicon Audio Grade capacitors, Vishay/Dale resistors and some Musical Concepts branded caps. Much of the wiring has been changed to Van Den Hul heavy-gauge silver wire. The RCA jacks are “Tiffany style” Gold/Teflon construction. Enjoy 200 Watts of cleaner, sweeter power for $599.


HSU VTF-3, MK IV powered subwoofer……………gets deep and clean. Highly adjustable. Very heavy and powerful.

Used in our listening room. Now $600. Original super sturdy shipping box.  Manufacturer page



Custom modified, USB only DAC………..has 24/192 capability with USB 2.0 XMOS asychronous receiver circuitry. This DAC uses the now famous AK4399 DAC, used in some very expensive gear, which has a superbly natural and non-digital quality with great neutrality. The OPA-627 opamps capably handle the output from the DAC circuit. CMC Gold/copper RCA jacks are used too. It sports Elna for Audio 8200uF power supply caps, Silmic and Philips caps too. There are fast glass rectifiers mating with the R-Core power transformer. An XMOS USB windows driver will be supplied, native Mac support. This is a very high sound quality for a bargain price of $299.


Demo Musical Design DM-100D Elite amplifier ............. which is black on black and in excellent cosmetic condition is now available. This amp was used at the 2014 RMAF show in Denver. Bonus: it has Mundorf power supply capacitors like the Elite Ultra model. The sound of the DM-100 throughout the years has been beloved by owners. The tradition continues with even more transparent sound than in previous versions. After listening to it you’ll be looking for the tubes, but you won’t find any. It lists at $2495 but you can buy it at $1995 with the full “new” warranty. Just like new but for less! Save $500 and smile.  Link


T-100 Elite Ultra Hybrid amplifier

For the last few years John has been loving his reference T-100 Elite Ultra amp………….and now it is available for you to love.

This hybrid 100W/ch amp sports Jensen 4-pole caps throughout the power supply, Cree SiC rectifiers, Takman resistors and CMC silver binding posts and RCA jacks, Rhodium IEC socket. Many enjoyable nights were provided by this amp. You will love it. Originally $2995, now $2295, link


DSD, XMOS Gustard X10 DAC ………..has 24/192 capability plus DSD support with USB 2.0 XMOS asynchronous receiver circuitry. This DAC uses the now famous ES9018 DACs which have very high clarity, spacious soundstage and a neutral quality. CMC Gold/copper RCA jacks are used too. It sports Nover power supply caps, dual toroid transformers. It has about every conceivable input and output. An XMOS USB windows driver will be supplied, native Mac support. It is unmodified, $399.



You’ll agree, a beautiful sounding amplifier at a modest price. This is our standard T-100 amp but gives you a hearty portion of the Elite Ultra sound. It has been used in demo service. Originally $1995, now $1495. Link



Even though this is our standard DM-100D amp it is outfitted with all Nichicon Audio Grade capacitors with all MUSE series caps in the front-end power supply and driver circuitry. Vishay/Dale resistors with their great sound are used. The CRC resistors are 10 Watt wirewound type. The new price is $1995, buy now for $1495. Link


Dynaco PAS-3X tubed preamp with modifications............ including significant revisions featuring a constant-current grounded-cathode 12AU7 line stage and passive RIAA EQ in the 12AX7 equipped phono stage. High quality tubes are included. This is a very different preamp compared to the original unit. The high current line stage has a very low output impedance, wide dynamic range and solid, clear sound. There is an upgraded volume pot for superior smoothness and clarity. A new power transformer supplies the higher required current and the vastly enlarged power supply yields a robust, clean sound quality. Good condition. Your fun times for $595 which will seem a bargain when you check the innards! Now reduced to $495!  90 day warranty  ------------------------This one has been sold but expect a new one here soon. 


Demo / Used Components