We have used and demo equipment that is just as good as "new" in many cases. Save some cash!

DEMO means that the product has been used as display, demonstrator or reviewer use. These products will carry the same warranty and customer service, where applicable, as factory fresh products. Demos are current or legacy product, but they are always updated with the latest circuitry.

USED means that the product has been previously owned by a party other than Musical Concepts or Musical Design

BLEMISHED (B stock) means absolutely new, but with minor cosmetic defects unless otherwise described. Same as new warranty!

CONSIGNMENT means used and being sold for a 'client' - guaranteed to work upon receipt at your end - typically there is no warranty unless it is expressly offered. This is "as is" purchase.

SPECIAL means we have acquired and built these units and they enjoy a full one year parts and labor warranty. They are new or have been used as a loaner.

Our policy: Vacuum tubes in DEMO, USED or SPECIAL equipment will have a 30-day warranty. These prices are set, in our opinion, very fairly with the assumption that a given item will not be returned for refund. There is a 15-day return period granted except for specific items. If you decide to request a refund there is no refund of shipping charges. If an item is returned damaged or damaged due to poor shipping carton we reserve the right to return the item or come to a settlement with the buyer. CONSIGNMENT items have a seven day return policy, i.e. said item must be posted back to us within seven days of your receiving the item.  



A demo Musical Design D-75C amplifier ............. Which is black on black and in excellent cosmetic condition is now available. The sound of the D-75 throughout the years has been beloved by owners. The tradition continues with even more transparent sound than in previous versions. After listening to it you’ll be looking for the tubes, but you won’t find any. It is both bench and listen tested. It’s available at $795 with the full “new” warranty. Just like new but for less! Save $200 and smile.  D-75 photo


This Hafler DH-200 comes with...................... our PA-4SE amplifier board mod, PS-100 power supply mod, hi-current gold binding posts and new 3-prong power cord. Those capacitors that look so small in there have the same amount of capacitance as in the original DH-200 and even higher voltage, 10,000uF/80 Volts! Modern capacitors have greatly benefited from high-tech material processing - better quality, durability and greatly reduced size vs energy storage. Who’s complaining?

Selling price is $749 with 1-year warranty. Cosmetics are good. *


A Hafler DH-500 is ready for your inspection .................... with our PA-4 standard modification, the PS-200 power supply and gold binding posts. Oh my my it looks harmless, but if you take it over to a friend’s house for a listen, he might not feel the same. He might long for the incredibly dynamic, natural, transparent 3D quality in his own system. I feel bad for him already. Cosmetics are decent but a few small scratches appear in the face panel and there are some rusty areas on the chassis. If you’re trying to imagine the sound just multiply the price by 4 or more!  *Selling price is $1195 with 1-year parts and labor.

* On the items here we can install an IEC power socket with supplied cord for $95 if you wish


—––This one is sold. We can make another like this one for you! –––– A custom Musical Design SP-2B with outboard power supply................. is available. This all black unit was used as a test bed for new preamp ideas. It turns out to be quite a bit like our PasPro line stage preamp circuitry. It has a single 6922/6N23P type tube. The power supply transformer is in an attractive outboard enclosure for the best noise rejection. Don’t let the modest looking power supply fool you. That’s quite a hefty little toroid transformer in there. There are eight OFC copper/Gold RCA jacks on the back. This thing can ‘slam’. It is very nice looking too. We are asking $995 for this great looking and sounding preamp. This is one of a kind!  If you prefer shiny silver aluminum finish knobs, same size, that is no extra cost. —–––––––––––-If you saw this and liked it I think we have the goodies to build another, but then there would be two of kind! Oh well!


USHER X-929 speakers in excellent working/sounding condition but a few cosmetic issues(call), piano black, $800/pair. Originally $2500. This is a file photo.

These are big speakers! We greatly prefer a local pickup since we don’t have the factory cartons. We would consider meeting a buyer half-way for reasonable distances. If you want these shipped we can call Usher and get the cartons, providing they still stock them. And yes, they do come with grilles for $825 plus shipping.


Frequency response (-3 dB) 29 Hz ~ 28 kHz

Power handling 110 watts

Crossover frequencies 2.16 kHz

Weight 130 lbs (including base)

Dimensions (w x d x h) 13.4" x 22.2" x 48.0"

Shipping weight 99 lbs/pc, 35 lbs/pc (base)

Shipping box (w x d x h) 12.2" x 19.3" x 50.0", 16.3" x 24.8" x 10.2" (base)



Dynaco PAS-3X tubed preamp with modifications............ including significant revisions featuring a constant-current grounded-cathode 12AU7 line stage and passive RIAA EQ in the 12AX7 equipped phono stage. High quality tubes are included. This is a very different preamp compared to the original unit. The high current line stage has a very low output impedance, wide dynamic range and solid, clear sound. There is an upgraded volume pot for superior smoothness and clarity. A new power transformer supplies the higher required current and the vastly enlarged power supply yields a robust, clean sound quality. Good condition. Your fun times for $595 which will seem a bargain when you check the innards! Now reduced to $495!  90 day warranty  ------------------------This one has been sold but expect a new one here soon. 





FULTON GOLD SPEAKER CABLES..........have a huge gauge paired wire construction. These classic cables are heavy and stiff. They look like 4 ga. These Bob Fulton designed cables were audiophile classics for several years along with several other Fulton wire products. We have pairs of 8.5', 28' and 43'. ---------$6/linear foot.




Demo / Used Components